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Our factory is the first choice of Cast pipe Fittings to meet your demands.  We can provide a series of high-quality Cast Pipe Fittings, such as 150PSI Threaded Fittings, Camlock Fittings, 150lbs fittings, Screw Fittings, Hose fittings, Union Fitting, Tee Fitting, Pipe Socket, Pipe Coupling, and Camlock Coupling.

Our 150PSI Threaded Fittings and Camlock Fittings are available for sand casting and lost wax investment casting and are used in water supply pipelines and in various other fluid transfer piping systems.

  • 150PSI Threaded Fittings
    150PSI Threaded Fittings
  • Camlock Fittings
    Camlock Fittings