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Vacuum Components Wellgrow manufactures a full line of Vacuum Components and Fittings, such as Vacuum Flange, Vacuum Flange Adapter, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Tubing, Vacuum Hose, Pipe Fittings, Weld Fitting, based on our flexible production ability and strict quality control, which are applied to Ultra-high, UHV, high vacuum system, semiconductor industry, vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, and optoelectronics applications. Our available series are KF (NW, ISO-KF), ISO, CF (Conflat), in grade 304, 304L, 316, 316L, DIN1.4301, DIN1.4306, DIN1.4401, DIN1.4404 stainless steel and also aluminum for some components. Our available surface finishes are pickled, machining, polished, electro-polished, sand-blasted. Custom flanges are available upon request. We maintain inventory for prompt delivery and to meet those unexpected demands.


Our vacuum component is carefully analyzed and tested according to the strictest quality and safety controls at every stage of production from the choice of raw materials, to ensure only the best quality products, dimensional accuracy, high strength, long service life, leak proof, corrosion resistance. Our Weld Fittings, Weld Flange, Weld Valve, include 45° Short Elbow Weld End, 45° Long Elbow Weld End, 90° Short Elbow Weld End, 90° Long Elbow Weld End, Equal Tee Weld End, Unequal Tee Weld End, Reducing Tee Weld End, 4-way Cross Weld End, Concentric Reducer Weld End, Conical Reducer Weld End, Straight Reducer Weld End, Angle Valve Weld End, In-line Valve Weld End, Z-inline Valve Weld End, Y-inline Valve Weld End, Ball Valve Weld End, Welding Bellow.


Our KF Flange, KF Fitting, KF Valve include KF Aluminum Clamp, KF Nail Clamp, Chain Clamp, KF Overpressure Ring, KF Centering Ring, Viton O’ring, KF Mesh Centering Ring, KF Centering Adapter, KF Outer Centering Ring, KF Blank Flange, KF Bored Flange, KF Socket Weld Flange, KF Butt Weld Flange, KF Full Nipple, KF Half Nipple Short, KF Half Nipple Long, KF to Male PT Adapter, KF to Female PT Adapter, KF Rubber Hose Adapter, KF to ASA Tubulated Adapter, KF to ASA Tubulated Adapter with Groove O’ring, KF to ISO Tubulated Adapter, KF to VCR Male Adapter, KF Bellow, Bellow Hose, Hydroformed Bellow Connections, KF 90 Elbow, KF Tee, KF Unequal Tee, KF 4-Way Cross, Oil Mist Eliminator, KF Angle Valve, KF In-line Valve, KF Z-inline Valve, KF Y-inline Valve, KF Ball Valve. Our ISO Flange, ISO Fitting, ISO Valve include ISO Single Wall Clamp, ISO Double Wall Clamp, ISO Double Claw Clamp, ISO Chain Clamp, ISO Centering Ring, ISO Outer Ring, ISO Blank Flange, ISO Bored Flange, ISO Bolted Flange, ISO Rotatable Bolt Ring, ISO Split Retainer Ring, ISO Butt Weld Flange, ISO Half Nipple, ISO Full Nipple, ISO Conical Reducer Nipple, ISO Adapters, ISO Bellows, ISO Elbows, ISO Tees, ISO Angle Valve, ISO Gate Valve.


Our Conflat, CF Flange, CF Fitting, CF Valve include CF16 Bored Flange, 34 O.D. CF Flange, 70 O.D. CF Flange, CF Blank Flange, CF Bored Flange, CF Reducing Flange, CF Double Side Blank Flange, CF Double Side Bored Flange, CF Half Nipple, CF Nipple, CF to KF Tubulated Adapter, CF to ISO Tubulated Adapter, CF Reducing Adapter, CF Bellows, CF 90° Elbow, CF Tee, CF 4-way Cross, CF Copper Gasket, CF Silver Plated Copper Gasket, CF Flange Cap, CF Angle Valve, CF Y-Inline Valve, CF Bakeable All-Metal Valve, CF Gate Valve. Most CF Flanges are available for fixed, rotatable, and tapped bolt holes types.


We are stainless steel manufacturer, fittings manufacturer, Taiwan manufacturer, Taiwan supplier and Taiwan factory because we are manufacturing in Taiwan our High Vacuum, Ultra-high, UHV, Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Products, Vacuum Components, Vacuum Flange, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Tubing, Vacuum Hose, Vacuum Chamber, Flange Adapter, Pipe Fittings, which are all made in Taiwan. Welcome to buy from Taiwan our Vacuum Components, Vacuum Fittings , Vacuum Valve.


We are also China manufacturer, China supplier, China factory, China wholesale and China exporter because we are manufacturing in China our High Vacuum, Ultra-high, UHV, Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Products, Vacuum Components, Vacuum Flange, Vacuum Valve, Vacuum Tubing, Vacuum Hose, Vacuum Chamber, Flange Adapter, Pipe Fittings, which are made in China too. Also welcome to buy from China our Vacuum Components, Vacuum Fittings, Vacuum Valve.

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